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This worthless app needs to be removed from app lists. I gave it a one star because there is nothing below it. To my Sailors, just use google to get the info because this app is not just a waste of money, but it will make you mad that you had to buy it. I had to check it out so I can help my Sailors, however this has turn out to be the worse resource ever on app store. Take it from someone who has been doing advancement developing junior Sailors for a long time. What is on this app is a miniature fraction of what you already have or know. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!

Horrible App

I bought this app after my CMC emailed it to the command. Apparently he didn't check it out himself. I expected something that would be helpful in preparing for the Chief exam next year. Instead all I got was an inferior app that will make me have to spend more time at work looking at separate sources instead of the one stop shop this should have been. Maybe the developer will get the hint from all these bad reviews and update it to being worth the money. I would delete it if I hadn't spent the money.

Good app

This app is pretty good. it helped me on the exam. I seen multiple questions on the exam from the BMR and military requirements section of this app.

Someone stole my $2!!!

Oh, it was this app. Don't bother wasting your money on this.


It's useless don't get it....


How do I get my money back? This app is a joke.

I just got dumber

Crap!!!!!! Do not BUY


Worthless, worthless, worthless! Regret spending $2 on this garbage.

hot trash

this app makes me want to hang myself from a ceiling, then turn it on.


I read the reviews and thought it couldn't be that bad... I was wrong! It's worthless.

I want my money back!

This App should be illegal for download. It helped me alright. Help me lose 2 bucks. Thx apple. I will surely make rank now.

Needs lots of work

Some information is good but most of it is worded weird


Good idea but it Is lacking a lot of information for the topics. I hope it improves


This app is totally weak. 1. There is barely any information on each topic. And the info that is here, is like a synopsis. No meat and potatoes per se. 2. The PRT part is just scanned images right out of the instruction. 3. Should be free. Don't be scammed like I was. 4. Much better to use the FREE iBooks app and have all the PDF files from the bibliography! 5. The EAWS/ESWS looked to have more info, but you can get that info anywhere. Just common core also... 6. The quality and presentation of this app is "budget".


This is an excellent app!


Great app

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